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Organizational Consulting

You want your business to be all that it can be, which is why problems within your organization aren’t just professional – they’re personal.

We make those problems personal to us too. With our decades of leadership experience and problem-solving initiative, we help you take control of your company by identifying blind spots and potential pitfalls before they become problems.

If your company is already struggling, we understand. We have experience leading organizations with internal problems and creating dramatic transformations from the inside-out. Your circumstances are unique – but the problems that threaten to derail your mission aren’t.

We help you identify and course-correct problems such as:

Inefficient policies or processes

Unclear or ineffective strategies

Misaligned objectives between departments

Struggles with nonprofit boards

Cumbersome organizational design

Lack of key competencies

Leadership blind spots

Legislative challenges

Lack of organizational self-awareness

Poor financial stewardship

Unrealistic expectations

Poor communication

Strategies that Work

ECS consultant Paul Bricker has a long history of leading highly-effective teams. His experience spans government, private, and non-profit sectors at the C-suite level. If you’re looking for strategies that work, contact ECS for a free consultation today.

Non-profit sector
  • Chief Operating Officer, Army Distaff Foundation and Knollwood Senior Living Life Plan Community

  • President, All-American Strategic Response Force Association

  • Vice-President, The Patriot Foundation (WCR)
Private sector
  • Chief Executive Officer, Effective Communication Strategies, LLC
Government sector
  • Director/Commanding Officer/Chief of Staff/Senior Army Fellow, United States Army

  • Senior Army Fellow, Harvard University Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

  • Director, STRATCOM Planning Chief, Army Public Affairs

Act, don't react

Government Relations

Legislation means change. Whether it’s a new footnote in your operations manual or a complete overhaul of the way you do business, one thing is certain – change can either strengthen your business or cause it to crumble.

Successful organizations act instead of react. We make sure your organization is well-equipped to take the lead on key issues and stay ahead of the competition.

ECS helps you understand:

  • How upcoming legislation may affect the health of your business
  • Who you need to connect with in order to proactively influence the legal landscape, and
  • What you should do to create a coherent government relations strategy for the future.
ECS' GR Consulting Helps Organizations:
  • Develop a government relations strategy

  • Target key decision-makers in a complex bureaucracy

  • Build understanding and support for key issues

  • Stay apprised of situations as they occur

  • Act upon upcoming legislation instead of reacting to sudden changes

  • Communicate their needs and positions

A Conversation That Brings Transformation

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