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Effective Communication Strategies (ECS) focuses on the needs of our clients. Customer service and support are our hallmark. The core capabilities of ECS revolves around Government Relations (GR) between industry and their governmental partners, supplying education entities with high quality products, and working with the growing non-profit world. We specialize in developing and deploying legislative strategies, strategic planning and communication, advocacy, coalition building, crisis communication, and intercultural understanding. We welcome the opportunity to directly improve the effectiveness of our clients communication and ultimately assist them become more successful.

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Define Your Objectives

The scope and magnitude of the Federal Government in Washington is immense, bureaucratic, and often anything but simple. ECS helps clients define and achieve their Washington objectives, to guide them in developing a GR strategy informed by an intimate understanding of the federal government’s policies, equities and stakeholders.

ECS guides our clients in the creation of an approach informed by the knowledge and understanding of context crucial to the achievement of their desired outcomes, whether a legislative strategy, brand recognition, or mitigation of a difficult situation. Using our experience, we craft an effective GR plan targeting appropriate Federal Officials, Members of Congress, committee professional staff, or foreign government outreach. 


Also, we help our clients navigate through the layers of bureaucracy of Washington, enabling them to understand complex situations much more clearly while working with decision makers to build understanding and support for an issue, which together informs strategic decision-making, and intentional actions for all involved parties. This keeps our clients ahead of their competitors.

  • Develop a government relations strategy
  • Target key decision-makers in a complex bureaucracy
  • Build understanding and support for key issues
  • Stay apprised of sitations as they occur
  • Act upon upcoming legislation instead of reacting to sudden changes

Areas of Specialties


Helping our aerospace clients ensure government regulation is fair and does no harm.


Non-profits address causes that are vital to our national well-being. We make sure your voice is heard.


Technology enables global reach, but also poses security risks. We ensure lawmakers are aware of your concerns.


Globalization is now. We stand ready to assist clients identify and effectively communicate with international customers


How you become known in a world that relies on being unknown? Let us help you craft your approach.


Nothing is more vital than our nation's defense. Let us help you communicate your concerns and capabilities to Congress.

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