What Is Government Relations Strategy?

Legislation affects the way you do business. When new laws tangent to your industry take effect, it can be as simple as a new page in your operations manual or as complex as an entirely new method of operations. Wherever the effect of the change falls on the spectrum, we help you understand how this change my affect your your bottom line and the health of your business. Government relations (GR) takes a proactive approach to business by giving you an ally on Capitol Hill who is familiar with the complex interworkings of Congress and who can help you represent your best interests before the right people. A GR strategy goes a step further by identifying key business goals and plotting a course toward the end you wish to achieve. Although you may know where you want to end up, only those familiar with government relations can tell you how to efficiently and effectively get there. That's why we sit down with each client to help them sharpen their goals and formulate a plan of action for achieving them.

Why Is It Vital For My Business

Legislation means change. Whether it's a new footnote in your operations manual or a complete overhaul of the way you do business, one thing is certain – change can either strengthen your business or cause it to crumble. As history has repeatedly proven, it is not necessarily the strongest, most influential, or best-funded who survive, but the most adaptable. Government relations helps elevate your business above the mainstream model of reacting to surprise changes in the law and floundering for a fix, to anticipating such changes and even helping to mold them.
  • Effectively weigh in on pending legislation
  • Keep your Congressmen informed on your interests
  • Work with specialists to carefully hone your message and lobbying strategy
  • Keep apprised of upcoming legislation
  • Anticipate changes in the laws

Areas Of Specialty

Helping our aerospace clients ensure government regulation is fair and does no harm.
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Not-for-profits address causes that are vital to our national well-being. We make sure your voice is heard.
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Technology enables global reach, but also poses security risks. We ensure lawmakers are aware of your concerns.
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Globalization is now. We stand ready to assist clients identify and effectively communicate with international customers
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How you become known in a world that relies on being unknown? Let us help you craft your approach.
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Nothing is more vital than our nation's defense. Let us help you communicate your concerns and capabilities to Congress.
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How ECS Can Help

With hundreds of Congressmen, committees and sub-committees, it can be next to impossible for an outsider to identify the key influencers and target their energies on those who can make the biggest impact. We not only help you get the attention of the right people, but also help you hone your communication to achieve your end goal. We also keep you apprised of any upcoming legislation that has the potential to affect your industry, so you can proactively weigh in or prepare, as needed. By partnering with ECS, you not only receive a service, you receive a partner – a partner whose primary goal is shaping the future you want by addressing the present you have.
  • Expert assistance in honing your strategy
  • Able communication to powerfully convey your needs and positions
  • Important relationships with key influencers
  • First-hand knowledge of the inner workings of Congress
  • Keen attention to areas of upcoming legislative change