Mission & Vision

The difference between success and failure lies in the development and execution of the right strategy. That's why, whether we're working with for-profit business, not-for-profit organizations, or schools at home and abroad, our mission is to help you define the right battle plan for your situation and then do the tough work of executing it.

Such work requires a unique balance of long-term vision and a boots-on-the-ground intimacy with the complex details involved in bringing a plan to fruition. At ECS we have members with both qualities at your disposal. Our vision is to take your vision and make it happen. Whether that means helping you connect with the right people, fighting for your interests in pending legislation, or helping you strip away the distractions of antiquated technology or underequipped classrooms.

Our Distinctives

Unlike many of our competitors, we take a personal interest in your business. When you join forces with us, you not only retain a representative with your best interests at heart, but also the best in customer service and support. We have our fingers continually on the pulse of the operations, and do our best to keep you continually informed and involved.