Effective Communications Strategies knows that communicating effectively in the 21st century means communicating visually across a wide variety of devices. That's why we offer full-service video production capabilities across the DC metro area and beyond. We’re proud to provide one of the widest array of services in the region, from project development and script writing to production, editing, motion graphics, advanced color grading and audio sweetening, and more. We have the flexibility to accommodate a variety of different projects, whether you’re looking for a web video or an 4K film for a cinema screen.

Featured Project: “The Beginning of The End for Parkinson’s Disease?”

  • Research and development
  • Script writing
  • Video Production
  • Editing (rough cut to picture lock)
  • Motion graphics
  • Audio sweetening and mixing
  • Color grading

Some of the services we offer include:


Research & Development

Many productions in the DC area are information-rich works that cover complex topics. We specialize in studying primary and secondary sources, assimilating and analyzing the information, and structuring it in a concise and logical way that paves the way for the script writing process.

Script Writing

At their core, videos are visual stories and require the same writing prowess as written media. Even educational videos and documentaries - although they may seem free-form when compared to dramatic films - are highly structured and require their own kind of script to ensure cohesion and a concise, logical flow. ECS specializes in engaging and effective scripts that create a solid foundation upon which to build your film.

Video Production

Video production is a colorful and multi-faceted process, requiring creative cinematography, plentiful B-roll, beautiful interview lighting, the effective use of natural light, location management, on-site sound, and more. No matter where the production takes us, we're ready to go to any lengths to get the job done.

Rough Cut Editing

We go through dozens (sometimes hundreds) of hours worth of footage, pull the right sound bites from long interviews, identify the perfect supporting shots, and then arrange these disparate components into a logical and well-structured story. We then work with you to help identify “plot holes” where follow-up interviews may be necessary to effectively convey your message, and aid you in creating a punch list of B-roll shots for areas where additional or more specific footage would strengthen your video.

If needed, we may also recommend specific pieces of stock footage during this point in the process. If such footage is desired, we take care of sourcing and purchasing such footage – including archival and news footage – while communicating with you closely regarding your vision and budget.

Fine Cut Editing

During this stage, we take your film from its rough form to picture lock, finessing every cut and adding any additional footage shot or purchased after the rough cut stage. This is the time for picky details, and we work with you until the smallest feature is exactly to your liking.

Color Grading

Color is a language that lends both power and polish to your film. Whether you want to maintain a natural look while ensuring color harmony between the shots in a scene or you want to stylize your footage, we can help with the assistance of the industry’s finest tools.

Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

More than any other long format, documentaries commonly require the use of motion graphics to illustrate key points, whether it be the name of an interviewee or an abstract concept. We create custom motion graphics for your film as part of a full editing package, or à la carte.