The commercial aviation marketplace and airspace is the single most important means of transportation connecting the international marketplace. Captain Mike Coffield is a retired Continental and United Airline Captain with an extensive understanding of commercial aviation. His knowledge and judgment of commercial aviation is widely recognized and frequently sought by Washington decision makers, in both the Legislative and Executive Branch. Moreover, his reputation and wise counsel is frequently sought by Congressional leadership in resolving complex challenges affecting the commercial aviation sector.

Non-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) have a unique place on both the national and global stage. As advocates of causes that touch our core interests as human beings, you need a way to be heard where it is most difficult to stand out, yet most vital that you do. We can help get your views in front of those in Congress who have the greatest ability to act. We also keep you apprised of legislation tangent to your interests and help you formulate a plan to weigh in potential laws. Changing history isn't just the job of an NPO – it's a directive for all of us.

Cyber & Intel

As the world becomes more and more reliant on technology, new questions about how to regulate the computer systems that connect us have been coming to the forefront of the national stage, especially as it relates to intelligence, data-gathering, and security. All of these present and proposed regulations affect you – and its time for you to weigh in.

We help you define your goals, formulate a communication strategy, and then reach the decision makers with your viewpoints and insights about the world of technology and intelligence. As innovators by nature, the men and women behind cybertechnology know the best way to predict the future is to create it. We help you craft your vision.



Of the 195 independent nations the US State Department recognizes, today, 176 of them have Embassies in Washington. Our international expertise and understanding provides pivotal assistance to clients in need of communicating with foreign entities. Our experience gives us insight into national equities, narratives, and geopolitical realities. Moreover, our relationships domestically and abroad within Legislative and Executive Branches form a fundamental basis for developing a communication strategy informed by today’s realities in Washington.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a pernicious and complex blight both at home and abroad. Not only does it enslave women, children, and even some men in our own neighborhoods, but it also serves as a source of funding for crime rings and syndicates.

Our trafficking experts are available to consult with government agencies about the way trafficking rings operate and how to most effectively identify and combat them.


The Pentagon and its relationship with the Legislative Branch remains vital to American security. However, it is the men and women in our military, enabled with America’s Defense Industrial Base that remain most important in protecting America’s vital national interests. Our goal is to assist clients communicate effectively with the Legislative and Executive Branch, providing them insight and understanding into the annual defense authorization act and defense appropriation legislation. The ECS CEO brings to every client over 28 years of experience in the US Military, including two years as a combat aviation commander culminating at the brigade level for the 82nd Airborne Division at home and at war, a year as the Aviation Chief in Iraq, coupled with three assignments in the Pentagon that included service as the aide to the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Director of Army Strategic Communications Planning, and an assignment in the Joint Staff Special Operations Directorate, and culminating as the Chief of the Army’s Legislative Division in the US Senate. We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with how we may be able to help your Washington GR objectives.